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STAR School is in regular session of academic instruction

Welcome to the STAR School’s Website!

The STAR (Service to All Relations) School is a charter elementary school located 25 miles east of Flagstaff, Arizona, near the Southwest corner of the Navajo Nation.  The school serves students from preschool through grade 8 who live in a large rural area that includes Leupp, Tolani Lake, and parts of Flagstaff.  Class sizes are limited to allow for individual attention, and we have a waiting list each year. Families are encouraged to enroll students early to reserve a place.

The STAR School’s vision is to create a joyful learning community in which members develop the character, skills and attitudes for understanding themselves, living in balance, and serving all our relations.

We agree with the evidence that small community schools can deliver a superior education.  We have set out to be a model of how that can be done even in a community with few jobs, no public utilities, high drop-out rates, and a history of conflict between governmental institutions and the people they are supposed to serve.

Sustainable living is a way of life intrinsic to the community which the school serves.  The STAR School promotes self-reliance, alternative building methods, and energy sources such as solar and wind power.  The school also hosts workshops about our unique curriculum, sustainable living, place-based education, culturally responsive education, technology and the arts.  Contact us if you are interested in our workshops.

Please Visit Our “In the News” for all of the Latest Press Coverage of STAR School.

STAR School 2012 Festival of Da’nest’aah (Harvest): Honor the Farmer

This event was made possible by a grant from The First Nations Development Institute to the STAR School.  This short was filmed by STAR Middle School Students and Alumna Kira Butler, photography by Kate Sorensen and Louva Montour, edited by Rachel Tso. Music is Memories of the Fall by Skychasers. For non-commercial, educational purposes only.

STAR Energy

A student made documentary short about Solar and Wind Energy at the STAR School, the country’s first off grid, solar / wind powered charter school in the country; located on the edge of the Southwestern Navajo Nation. Filmmaking by 7th/8th grade students, Kira Buter, Joshua Gregg, Donovan Warren, and Tyrail Smith. Produced by Media Arts Educator Rachel Tso as a demonstration of integrating Place-Based Education with Media Literacy.

STAR 3-to-3rd Project

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A U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools 2012 Winner


STAR School is Currently Featured in Scholastic’s Parent and Child Magazine as one of “The Coolest Schools in America.”


“This charter near the Navajo Nation is the first public school to be off the electric grid. Hundreds of solar panels and five wind turbines generate all the necessary power to run its multiple buildings (including one housing a state-of-the-art media program) as well as an electric well that waters the property’s orchards.  Soon, a network of monitors will allow students to help maintain and learn from the system by tracking and graphing production and consumption. Named for the acronym “Service to All Relations,” the school’s philosophy is based on the
Navajo principles of K’e (all things are inextricably linked) and peacemaking, which promote respect for others and the land.” TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE.