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Friends of STAR are people and organizations who care about the future and want to make a difference in the lives of Native children.  They are invested in models of high-quality, culturally responsive, environmentally conscious education.  STAR School shines as a leader in indigenous education that is respectful of cultural values, in ecological and green schools globally, and the farm-to-school movement, as well as in award-winning place-based education and arts projects.  Become a Friend of STAR today and join us in this important work.

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A Model for Green Schools and Sustainability.  *Are you ready to show your support for renewable energy in a way that really makes a difference?   Would you like to partner with the first off-grid solar powered public school in the country, so that this school can demonstrate to other schools how to do it?  SEE A STUDENT-MADE FILM ABOUT THE STAR GREEN SCHOOLS MODEL HERE.

Place-Based Education. *Would you like to give valuable and critically needed help to Native American children?  Do you want to be part of a school that has really figured out how to accomplish student academic achievement while sustaining tribal values? SEE FILM ON STAR PLACE-BASED EDUCATION HERE.

STAR Peacemaking. *STAR School has developed a highly effective alternative conflict resolution system that is informed by and rooted in traditional Navajo culture.  Would you like to be a part of making sure the process of increasing peace in schools as well as strengthening Navajo culture by integrating Navajo Peacemaking in the schools gets taught and shared with all the 244 other Navajo schools on the Navajo Reservation? SEE A STUDENT-MADE FILM ABOUT STAR PEACEMAKING HERE.

Navajo Language and Culture.  *STAR School is deeply committed to strengthening our students’ use and understanding of Navajo language and cultural wisdom.  We believe this is not only important to the identity of our Navajo students, but also a gift to the world and certainly a source of strength for America.  Is it time for you to demonstrate your support of Native American cultures by supporting the model programs at the STAR School that emphasize Navajo language and culture? SEE A FILM ABOUT NAVAJO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE EDUCATION HERE.

Creative Arts and Music Program  *Would you like to empower young Native American children to express themselves with arts and music, even though schools are given no funds to do this? Do you want to support an award winning student media arts program for Navajo children, so they can tell their own incredible stories to the world? SEE STUDENT-MADE FILMS HERE

The STAR 3-to-3rd (Age 3 to grade 3) Curriculum. *Can you appreciate the value of investing in top quality early childhood education with proven, long term beneficial effects for indigenous students? Would you like to see a triumphantly successful research-based early learning program be disseminated to other schools serving Native students? SEE THE STAR 3-TO-3RD MODEL TEACHER TRAINING CURRICULUM HERE.

Make a Tax Deductible Donation

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