Place-Based Education: The STAR 3-to-3rd Model

A short film demonstrating how STAR School utilizes Place-Based Education in the 3-to-3rd (Age 3 to Grade 3) classes. STAR is the 1st all off-grid charter school in the country, and is recipient of the 2012 Dpt. of Ed. Green Ribbon Award. STAR is located on the southwestern edge of the Navajo Nation and serves a majority indigenous population.
This film was written and produced by Rachel Tso ( made for The STAR School ( as a part of a free training packet for educators. It is for non-commercial, educational purposes. You are welcome to freely share this film for non-commercial, educational purposes; appropriate attribution appreciated. This was made possible by a grant from The Rural School and Community Trust to the STAR School.
Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike.