Contribute to STAR School

The STAR School is a model for place-based and indigenous education as well as green schools world-wide. When you contribute, your support goes further than just our rural campus on the edge of the Navajo Nation; your support can affect how people approach education, globally. There are multiple ways to join STAR School, in the movement for high-quality, culturally-responsive, indigenous education -- and green schools.

How to donate? 

Why Donate to STAR School? Funding from the state covers only the very basic costs of instruction. Your support makes sure that we can offer the best education possible for our students and continue to act as a model for other indigenous and green schools. Your donation can provide opportunities for service learning activities that enable students to engage in their community and become leaders, as well as support after school activities such as arts, music, science clubs, sports, and outdoor learning adventures.

How many times may I make a School Tax Credit donation? You can either make one lump sum donation (up to $200 single tax filer, $400 married couple filing jointly) per year or you can make installments throughout the tax year. If your school tax credit donation is in an amount greater than your current tax liability, you can carry forward unused amounts for up to five consecutive taxable years.

Do I have to have a child in an Arizona school to take advantage of the AZ School Tax Credit? No. All Arizona taxpayers are potentially eligible—so tell your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. You don’t need a child in school to qualify.

What Programs Will be Benefitted by My School Tax Credit? You can designate a particular program or have us apply it to a central fund for qualifying programs where it’s needed. Programs are for example: STAR School Grand Canyon Youth River Trip, Service learning, peacemaking, and character education, After school activities and clubs, Student field trips, Central fund for qualifying programs where it’s needed.