STAR School Garden

Welcome to STAR School Garden Lessons!

At STAR School we incorporate culturally relevant, age-specific lessons into our curricula. They are designed to encourage food literacy for STAR School Students. Lessons are organized by the "essential questionsthey address. Essential questions are as follows: Where does food come from? How do people grow healthy food? How does food tie to culture and community? How do you make healthy food choices? How do people prepare healthy food? 

These questions cover the food process from the fields to our plates-or cafeteria trays. Studies have shown that teaching children about eating fruits and vegetables increases consumption of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, nutrition education is more effective when it is behaviorally focused. This means that what students learn and practice should directly address the behaviors we want them to develop. If we want students to eat more fruits and vegetables, teaching the benefits of eating them, along with actually growing, cooking, and eating fruits and vegetables, has the potential to be more effective than teaching more generally about food groups and a healthy diet. 

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